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1 July 2019

Metroplicity – Susie Rumsby

Metroplicity is meant to describe works in which fragments of cities are multiplied/layered/combined/collaged. And since this is a show of printmaking, it also suggests the city in multiples.

Cities are not usually experienced as a whole, but as an accumulation of details and patterns. Susie’s linocuts and screenprints work with the architecture of two cities – Leeds, England and Portland, Oregon – creating an impression by gathering the idiosyncrasies of these two places and multiplying them.

The architectural subject matter is treated with love and irreverence. In one series, the Brutalist campus of Leeds University has been reconfigured through collage into structures more like space stations than lecture halls, and then screenprinted in sunset pastel tones. In another, tangles of Portland telegraph wires have been diligently recorded in a cluster of linocuts.

Susie Rumsby is currently a Print and Printmaking Instructor at Leeds Arts University. She studied Printmaking in Portland, Oregon before moving back to the UK to teach linocut, screenprint, letterpress, intaglio printing, fabric printing and dyeing, bookbinding and more. Susie is also a founder member of Leeds Print Workshop, and believes in making the joy of printmaking accessible to everyone.

The first 30 attendees of the preview night can grab a free 4-colour screenprinted version of the poster.  

Opening Evening: Friday 5th July 6-7:30pm

Ongoing Opening Times: 6th July – 4th August Fri-Sun 10:30am-4:30pm

instagram: @susefest