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Q​ Do I need to be a member to print at Leeds Print Workshop?
A​ Yes. All people using the workshop must become a member and have a induction prior to using the facilities.

Q​ What equipment does LPW have?
A​ We have a wide range of printmaking equipment. See our full list here.

Q​ What experience do I need to become a member at LPW?
A​ We would expect you to have some experience of printmaking and be relatively self-sufficient in using the facilities, however technician support is usually available.

Q ​Can I get things printed at Leeds Print Workshop?
A​ No. Leeds Print Workshop does not offer a commercial printing service or do printing for people. Our main focus is to provide the space and facilities for people to do their own printing.

Q​ Do you run workshops for children?
A​ Unfortunately, due to health and safety considerations, we are currently only running workshops for adults over the age of 16.

Q​ When is LPW open?
A​ We are open most Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 10:30am-4:30pm. There are occasionally some weekdays and evenings when we are open to run courses and for open access for members, however, these hours are not consistent and are advertised to members in advance.

Q​ Do you sell inks, paper and materials?
A ​Yes. We have a range of different materials which we sell. See our price list here. Members are welcome to also bring in their own materials to use.

Q​ Can I volunteer at Leeds Print Workshop?
A​ We sometimes have opportunities for volunteers to help on courses, exhibitions or external events but these are usually emailed out to our members in the first instance as we run a timebank scheme (time volunteered can be exchanged for printing time in the workshop).

Q​ Do you offer any discounts on courses or memberships?
A​ We offer a discounted membership for students or recent graduates. Members can benefit from a 10% discount on our workshops and courses. Unfortunately we are unable to offer any further discounts as we are a self funded, non profit organisation.

Q​ Can I pay for just 6 months membership?
A​ Our workshop membership is for 12 months and costs £50 per year which works out at just £4.16 per month. The student/graduate membership costs £35 per year. Unfortunately we cannot offer this any cheaper or offer a shorter membership.