About Us

We are a new co-operative printmaking studio based on Vicar Lane in central Leeds. We provide access to print facilities and a space to work for anyone interested in printmaking. As well as catering for all the established printmakers out there in Leeds, we also run classes to bring new people to the medium.

The Leeds Print Workshop founding committee is made up of fine artists, teachers, graphic designers and illustrators all with one thing in common: a love of printmaking. Once people have found a love of printmaking, it can be hard to continue to make prints solo. We are the resource that allows you to carry on printing, surrounded by other printmakers who can share ideas, techniques, innovations and feedback.

Anyone can become a member of Leeds Print Workshop and come to the space to do screen printing, intaglio, linocut, bookbinding and other print techniques. We do our best to keep costs for using the studio as low as possible. We’re not in it for the money we just want to make a new space to keep on with the printmaking we love, and meet some new folks to make art with.

Our vision:
– To provide printmaking facilities for people in Leeds and surrounding areas.
– To establish and maintain a vibrant, supportive and sustainable printmaking community.

Our mission:
– To provide affordable printmaking facilities to workshop members
– To create collaborative opportunities to share skills, ideas and expertise
– To promote and develop safe printmaking processes with consideration for the environment

Our values:
As a co-operative, we value democracy, equality, and solidarity. We act with concern for our community and work for its sustainable development through the collaborative nature of printmaking.

The society will also aspire to act co-operatively and abide by the co-operative values and principles as defined by the International Co-operative Alliance.

Inks 1

We are acquiring new equipment all the time but currently the workshop has the following facilities:

  • 1 large screen printing vacuum table
  • 2 portable hinged clamp screen printing beds
  • 1 large textile printing table
  • 1 exposure unit for up to A1 size screens
  • 2 washout booths
  • a range of textile and paper screens of various sizes
  • a range of squeegees of different sizes
  • 1 heat press (printable area 50x40cm)
  • 2 etching presses
  • 1 nipping press
  • 1 relief press for up to A3 linocuts
  • 2 large drying racks
  • 9 planchets with drawers available for rent